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Lambert Lum
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Objective To write MFC GUIs that not only work well, but look good
MFC project Flowchart editor:
Created a graphical editor to demonstrate that vibrant bitmaps and custom controls can really liven up an engineering tool. Uses custom controls, bitmap backgrounds, movable/resizable transparent bitmaps, context menus, custom tool bar, double buffering, and custom buttons
Patent 6341307 Interface code architecture (MMI):
Developed MMI architecture capable of using single source script to display MMI information on variable size displays, locally or on remote devices.
Java Swing project Restaurant Menu:
Created a restaurant menu creator API. With only 10 function calls, my API can build an entire restaurant menu. The API abstracts away Java Swing, allowing one to concentrate on menu content. Based on Una Mas! Restaurant's menu. Warning: This program will make you hungry for mexican food.
Cadence Design Systems
San Jose, CA
Technical Class Writer / Technical Trainer
Organized structure and direction for new generation of VCC classes. Determined sequence and content for class curriculum. Converted abstract technical ideas into lucid thoughts suitable for classroom environment. Coordinated development of training material with other technical trainers and R&D group.
San Jose, CA
Application Consulting Engineer
Performed pre-sales support, conducted SDL training classes, wrote SDL code generation training material, consulted in SDL related matters, performed sales presentations, made Java/Visual Basic interfaces for demos, utilized postmaster integrations, created configuration management integrations.
Electronics For Imaging
Foster City, CA
Man Machine Interface (MMI) Architect
Developed next generation MMI architecture for Fiery series controllers, led technical side of MMI architecture patent application, added enhancements to wide printing Fiery servers.
University of California,
Los Angeles
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science and Engineering
Telelogic Intro SDL, SDL Cadvanced Code Generation, Intro TTCN, Intro UML
De Anza College MFC, Adv. Perl,, TCP/IP programming, HTML, JavaScript, x86 Assembly language
Foothill College Java Swing, XML, SQL, VB.NET
Skills Languages: C, C++, Java, Perl, HTML, JavaScript, SQL, XML, x86 Assembly, m4, UML, SDL, flex, csh/tcsh shell, TTCN
OS: Windows, UNIX, VxWorks
Networking: WinSock
Configuration management: ClearCase, RCS, PVCS
References References available upon request