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Portfolio of Projects

Graphical Editor
What if one crossed an engineer's flowchart editor with a Windows theme? I attempted just that. The result is a fun editor that doesn't obstruct one from making flowcharts. This is a prototype, so full functionality isn't available.
Prototype Drawing tool
This is the prototype that provided me with the fun factor ideas I needed for my graphical editor. Personally, I think I overstuffed this one with way too many wav files.
Hodge Podge viewer
Views text, data points and bmp. This one is a bit plain, but it does show I'm capable of making mfc projects other than editors.
Restaurant ordering system
Java Swing project centered around ordering food from the Una Mas! Restaurant. Basically I took Una Mas's menu from and did a GUI rewrite in Java Swing. Warning: You may develop a strange craving for Mexican food while running this program.
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