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Explorer micro

I like ordering custom computers. Though I've never ordered from these guys, I like the way they have their quoting system set up. Click, click, click, and you got an instant price quote. Very responsive. Very quick. If only I could make a price quote system like there's. Oh wait, that's the reason why I'm taking this Javascript class.

Tom's Hardware Guide

A place of level headed, well balanced reviews of all things computers. Articles are written by die hard benchmarkers ready and willing to quantify the claims of marketing departments. There's no hype here. They've only got room for reviews and benchmarks faithful to helping the bewildered user pick his way through the assortment of computer products.

Happy Penguin

Gaming for Linux. Linux games galore. I like Linux, and I would like it even more if it became a major gaming platform. That has yet to occur, but one must be patient.

One of the best places to buy books. It's incredible the number of deals one can get through buying from Then once your book is well read, you can turn around and sell the book at the same site. The only thing I can complain about is the stiff commision, 15%.

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