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Coding Challenge

Welcome to Emcee Lam's Code Challenge arena. For convenience sake, all code has been interfaced with form buttons to give people a chance to experiment with different input for each of the algorithms. Please view this page's source to read the respective algorithm code.

Stump the Student

This code was designed so that beginners would have a chance to crack the meaning. Veteran programmers stay away. You probably already coded one of these in your earlier programming class.

Enter your number.
Warning: higher numbers will take exponentially longer amounts of time to calculate. It's recommended that you go no higher than 25.

Coolest Code

This code uses regular expressions. It may look like line noise, but in actuality, it's a very concise way of expressing very exact details of pattern matching in text strings. Hands down, there's no way you can beat regular expressions when it comes to textual manipulation.

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Brain Teaser

You see that stump the student algorithm? It's too slow. Write a version that doesn't take exponential time to compute. Write an algorithm that takes linear time to compute, i.e. O(n) complexity. Yes, I do know of a O(n) complexity algorithm, but I'll wait for other people to take a crack at this problem first.

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